The ABC Animal Picnic, by Janina Rossiter


Amazon bestselling author Janina Rossiter loves three things: design, France and her little family.

She studied communication & illustration design at university, and has lived in Germany (her home country), England (where she met her husband), and now France (where she vows to stay). After graduating with a degree from university she worked as a packaging designer for a few years before setting off on her own and expanding into freelance design. She enjoys the creative energy of Paris, where she lives with her English husband and her two daughters.

With the arrival of her first daughter, Janina’s love for painting and drawing found a new lease on life and, before long, she combined her passion for illustration with the wonderfully inspiring world of children.


My firm belief about picture books is that if the illustrations are crap, then the book is crap.  When I happened across this particular picture book by Janina Rossiter, I was hopeful to find a real treasure. Well, I didn’t.

I found a brilliant masterpiece! The illustrations are incredible, and wonderfully set to a great theme, simple wording, and an excellent layout. I couldn’t be more pleased with this book. Rossiter is a talented artist that creates entertaining and memorable characters for tiny readers to enjoy over and over again. (Even big readers too!)

I smiled the whole time I flipped through the book. Well done!

I give this book a well-earned:


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