Princess Matilda, by Eva Montanari, Book Review


Clever, whimsical illustrations accompany this charming tale of a little girl named Matilda with a big imagination. She’s a beautiful princess, an angry witch, a free butterfly, a jungle dweller, and a clown all in one! Beginning readers will love this story and identify with Matilda’s make-believe worlds, and adults will enjoy reading alone. Ideal for children ages 3-8


This picture book caught my eye because of the illustrations which were done by the author, Eva Montanari. They are top notch and professionally accomplished. The cover is adorable showing a little princess kissing a frog.

I can’t say enough about the illustrations, an important factor when comprising a picture book. However, the story was jarring in some points especially, on the page where she writes:

“And I have lots of servants,

who do everything I say.

Or rather, they’re supposed to.

But sometimes they don’t.

And instead they give

me orders!”

The use of these sentences together seemed too old, or not written as though a child’s thought… I stumbled over this part when reading to my daughter. Otherwise, I believe any child would enjoy such a book. This book if read by a parent will be fine, but if read by a child, they could also stumble over the same part–not that I’m comparing myself to a child… okay, maybe a bit… lol

Regardless, I loved this book and highly recommend it. Let me know what you all think, if you’ve purchased or read this book too.

I give it:



Mostly for the illustrations.

I’m giving a copy of this picture book away for free. The shipping on it will be $4.00US. I’ll bill you through PayPal for the shipping. Once paid, the book and some goodies are yours. Just email me your interest:  This notice will remain posted until someone claims the book. Please note, it is a used, thrift store book, but in really good condition.

Feel free to leave any comments below.


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