Sometimes, with all the hype over a few particular popular books, other good books belonging to other genres get lost in the mix. I love to revisit these books and read them as I’m not really one to follow “the latest” and the “greatest.” I like to form my own opinions about what I find as great.  Everyone has their own thoughts, opinions about the books they read, I’m no different.

So, here I am revisiting a 2010 published book by a wonderful author, Jane Casey. I’ve left a description of the story below for you to read.

I’m looking for a reading buddy for this book which we will read together and discuss for a month, and I’ll post the discussions here for others to enjoy.  We will need to exchange emails, and every week (Monday) provide each other with five questions to answer about the book. They will be posted on here showing our questions and answers. Anyone can chime in to the weekly discussions. I’m hoping others will acquire a copy of the book in question and join us.

This book buddy reading will begin in January 2018. I want to give enough time for people to read and decide if they want to join in.  And it so happens that I have one extra copy, brand new, of this book that I will happily forward in December to a lucky winner. That one winner will be chosen from those who say they want to join in at the bottom of this article, a random draw. I will then get the particulars of the winner’s address. Please, please, only enter if you are willing to do all that is described here. In the comments, say why you want to win this book.



A determined young police constable goes it alone against an enigmatic killer and her bosses in a series debut for fans of Sophie Hannah and Tana French

The Burning Man. It’s the name the media has given a brutal murderer who has beaten four young women to death before setting their bodies ablaze in secluded areas of London’s parks. And now there’s a fifth.
Maeve Kerrigan is an ambitious detective constable, keen to make her mark on the murder task force. Her male colleagues believe Maeve’s empathy makes her weak, but the more she learns about the latest victim, Rebecca Haworth, from her grieving friends and family, the more determined Maeve becomes to bring her murderer to justice. But how do you catch a killer no one has seen when so much of the evidence has gone up in smoke?
Maeve’s frenetic hunt for a killer in Jane Casey’s gripping series debut will entrance even the most jaded suspense readers.

If you want to purchase the book and join us. Buy

Jane on Twitter: here


The Burning

The Reckoning

The Last Girl

The Stranger You Know

Left For Dead

The Kill

After the Fire

Let the Dead Speak


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