Book Give-aways!

Beginning in September, I will be posting contest giveaways!

These giveaways will consist of trade pocketbooks, or a hardcover, or paperback in various genres given to the person who reaches a goal I’ve listed as a challenge! Now, I must add for this particular challenge, the books are used, still in great shape and are mostly Adult Fiction. Occasionally, I’ll have a special hardcover brand new book or almost brand new (may have a scratch or tear in the dust jacket) as a prize and even some extra goodies. It’s all about the books, people!

The only cost to you, the winner, is shipping paid for via Pay Pal in the amount of $6.00 CAN, which is roughly $4.50 US by the winner.   (Oversees will be more, just email for the cost). Nothing more. Once shipping is received, I will send you your book winnings. Each challenge will last a specific amount of time. If the challenge is not met, we simply roll it over to the next challenge and its allotted time.  Each challenge may not be the same as the last.  You can go here:

to read up on and set up an account if you haven’t already gotten one.  Once a winner, I’ll notify you of the email to send the shipping to.

CHALLENGE#2:        I want to reach 1000 followers on this blog, and wish to do this as of October 30th, 2017 noon time, my time for this challenge.  So who is going to give me that 300th like?  The books to win, are: (drum roll please)

I’m giving away, “RIPPER” by Stefan Petrucha, the book I’ve recently reviewed. If you are interested follow this blog!  Leave your email contact information at: with the words I love to Read in the Subject Line and you’ll be signed up to possibly win! Good Luck!

Let’s have some bookish fun!

It a great way to get your hands on more books and you would be paying for shipping and the cost of books if you were to shop elsewhere anyway, so why not have fun while trying to win.  Like my posts, like my blog, tell your friends!

Once this challenge is met, I will list another with new prizes. I have loads of books to share! So if you have a love for books, and you wish to participate, follow this blog.


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