Hello world!

It’s so hard to believe that 2019 is almost done. Where did time go?  Each day never seemed to hold enough time for all my work.  Is the world spinning faster or something?

Like a brick to the head, I thought, hey! This is a great way to round off the year, and sum up my reading exploits for the year. (soft brick)

So here goes, this is my Christmas Challenge! Name a book that:

C – has a title beginning with “C

H- has a Historical theme

R – you Read in one sitting

I – has Ice and snow on the cover

S – Sends a chill down your Spine

T – Thrills, chills and kills

M – is about Magic, Mystery and Mayham

A – has Axes on the cover

S – has Silver and gold decorations on the cover


booktree2Name a book that…

…is Christmas themed...

…has christmas creatures in it, but IS NOT  a Christmas story… IE. deer… 


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