Hello world!

It’s so hard to believe that 2017 is almost done. Where did time go?  Each day never seemed to hold enough time for all my work.  Is the world spinning faster or something?

So I was going through the comments attached to my site and there was this nice Christmas Tag offered by Sarah@Betweenthepages. I thought, wow, how nice that she included me when setting up this tag.

Like a brick to the head, I thought, hey! This is a great way to round off the year, and sum up my reading exploits for the year. (soft brick)

So here goes:

booktree2Name a book that…png_magic_book_by_moonglowlilly-d5z1pgm…is the most thrilling read...arbol de navidad de papel

This is an easy one. One of the most exciting and thrilling reads I found this year was given to me by HarperCollins as an ARC to review.

34848682 The Woman in the Window, by A.J. Finn

Although I wasn’t able to book an interview with this author as of yet, due mainly to his incredibly busy, crazy schedule, I will hopefully connect with him in the new year. This book… oh, this book… I had no idea what I was in for when I got it.  I decided to start reading it around 6:00p.m. and wound up still reading it and finally finishing it at 4:00a.m. Yup, I read it straight through in one sitting.  I couldn’t stop, it’s as simple as that. What a fantastic book!  The premise sounded enticing from the press release information that accompanied the book, so it was the first one I read and read… oh, and read!  The Protagonist wove a spell around you so that you wanted, no, needed to know what was going to happen next. You just couldn’t put the book down.  The plot was flawless, flowing from one transition to another with ease. There were no snags or jumpiness, just a smooth flow that held you in its spell. This book has received rave reviews all around!  I recommend it if you want a “by the seat of your pants” experience! Read my review here.

…is a contemporary that makes you feel warm and happy…christmas-book-sculpture

This was easy too! I love contemporary reads that show strong women, or, are character driven with strong personalities.  This book was provided to me by Penguin Random House as an eARC for review purposes.

immortalists_1 The Immortalists, by Chloe Benjamin

This fictional piece was an amazing book that held my attention from the beginning to the last page. Chloe Benjamin has a gift for story-telling, she is also a remarkable young woman who was a pleasure getting acquainted with.  I had the distinct opportunity of interviewing her recently and I can’t wait to see what she’s writing next. I can truly say that if you like strong character driven contemporaries then this book is for you.  She creates characters that could be your neighbors and opens their personalities and emotions in a way that you share everything they experience in the story. It’s a smooth read, there are no issues that will interfere with your enjoyment of reading this book and it will leave you wanting more.  Perfect if you want realistic, fully developed characters, strong story-lines, a great plot and an author’s voice that leaves you nodding your head in understanding. Read my review here, and my interview here.

…you could finish in One Sitting… holiday-tree

This was so hard to answer since there were so many to choose from.  However, Paintbrush struck me in such a ‘feel good’ kinda way, and I did read it in one night, I chose it for this question. This ARC was provided by Blaze Publishing for a book review.

cover113051-mediumPaintbrush, by Hannah Bucchin

Not only was this book impressive, it was such a fun read that I finished it in one sitting and I have to confess, I sighed and smiled when I was done. lol I am in the process of interviewing Hannah and will have that interview posted shortly. This book’s cover alone was just so beautiful and a great hook to get you to pick it up. But the enjoyment doesn’t end there. This YA contemporary was filled with honest characters, fun secondary characters and a great coming of age premise.  The character arcs are complete and realistic and there are no holes in the plot. The POV moves between the two Protagonists giving you a clearly unique voice of each.  If you want a light, feel good book, this one is for you! Read my review here. Author interview coming soon here.

…has a unique, fascinating cover that stands out…christmas-decoration-christmas-book-art-sculpture-fairytale-christmas-gift-unique-book-lover-gift-home-decor

Okay, now these are getting harder lol.  Where do I start?  I find a lot of covers are incredibly unique and stand out.  The one mentioned above is a good example! But if I were to pick another, and I don’t want to pick one that everyone knows… I’d say:

31563982Whichwood, by Tahereh Mafi

Most covers are designed by the publishing house, and some authors don’t really have a say in the cover artwork (some do), but this one is exceptional and truly appreciated once you have the physical book in your hands.  The book itself was probably the strangest, yet highly entertaining, is an oddly dark way book I’ve ever read.  The author is amazing, her voice is incredible, the plot is gripping and the characters are loved, but… the subject matter for a middle-grade… maybe? I think it’s best to let other readers decide if they like it.  I reviewed it and gave it a high ranking (4-stars), but what I like may not be what others like and vice versa.  I would warn that a parent may want to read it first before getting it for their tweener.  You tell me!  Read my review here.

I have to note a runner upcover122146-medium Flower Moon, by Gina Linko

I know from my interview with Gina, that she did have some say in the cover design of her gorgeous book, Flower Moon. This too is a book that you should check out if you like a happy, feel good feeling when you finish reading it. 😉 And, check out my review here and author interview here.

…seemed awful, but was surprisingly amazing…christmas_book_art_by_malenavalcarcel-d9ikuxy

I’m going to put in an indie author’s work here.  I don’t review many books by indie authors, but I do read many. However I pick and choose them carefully! I also edit some of their work so reviewing them too would be unethical and unfair to the author. Once you’re in the mind-set of editor, you see a book differently.  Anyway, I recently did have the opportunity to read and review an indie author’s work and it is:

20407649The Initiate’s Crucible, by Brett J. Baker

This science fiction took me by surprise.  It had received some pretty harsh and even what I thought, were unfair criticisms from those who really shouldn’t have reviewed this book.  However, once I started to read, I couldn’t stop.  The cover is what put me off initially, thinking anime, not for me… well was I wrong! Not only is this author talented, I expect to see great things from him in the near future.  Fantastic characters, great plot and action, action, action.  I was impressed. If you get a chance, give this book a read. See my review here.

…had characters that truly seemed to come alive…su-blackewell-1

cover124285-mediumThe Snowbear, by Sean Taylor, Claire Alexander

Yup, a child’s book! I’ve read thousands of children’s books and edited or reviewed and even written some myself… This extraordinary book is simply beautiful and meaningful. The story is heart-warming and a treasure, and one day, it will be a classic. The whole premise is simple, but exciting, thrilling and will capture the attention of young readers completely.  The only thing left to say is about the incredible artwork! This story would stand alone, easily… but with the added bonus of such talent offered by Alexander, well the type of combination like Taylor and Alexander is what makes a book lasting.  The artwork is guaranteed to fill the little reader’s eyes with excitement, while the full impact of what the story saying will be absorbed in a gentle and subtle way, only gifted artists can achieve. Read my review here.

…felt minty fresh, and like no others…il_570xN.885582038_i0fh


Okay, I’m going to do a play on words here. Minty, insinuates green, fresh insinuates new, and like no others insinuates no retellings… Rats! This makes it harder! lol Why did I do that? For this, I had to choose:

cover120705-mediumKeeper, by Kim Chance

This is as close as I could come to fitting into the description above. Although I was incredibly excited about this book, I found after reading it, that it wasn’t for me. It does have a beautiful, green cover, is from a debut author and I didn’t find it was like any other book I’ve read so far.  If you like magic, adventure and witches, then you may want to check out this book. As a reviewer, I try not to say too much about a book if I didn’t like it to avoid prejudicing anyone else’s thoughts.  After all, what I don’t like, someone else may love! So go and give this book a try when it comes out in January and feel free to let me know your thoughts, I’d like to hear from you.


I wish there were more questions so that I could re-hightlight all the books I absolutely loved and couldn’t talk about this time around…

Thank you Sarah for the tag!
I tag:
All my readers! Far too many to list, but they KNOW who they are 😉 😉

Thanks for reading and happy holidays!!


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